Loons Forever:  Writings on Nature and Nature Conservation

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Ecopoems and Animated Ecopoems


Ecopoems express thoughts, feelings and emotions
on the interrelations of living organisms with their environments. Ecopoems connect us through language,
sound and sight to how our precious natural heritage is respected, which defines love of the earth.



My Legacy

 a thousand generations

laboured for progress


I am the first

with pesticides in my fat

radioactive strontium and

cesium in my bones

nitrous oxide and

asbestos in my lungs

mirex in my muscles

dioxin in my wine







I hung a word

on an old pine tree


  they cut down the tree


I strung my word

on a pine sapling


they pushed down the sapling


I placed the word

by a pine seedling


they plowed down the seedling


I traced my word

on the sun-baked soil


it blew away






Long Live the King


a new road pierces the wilderness

a young bull moose mounts the invader

a truck horn blares

the moose bugles

the truck charges

the moose charges

a King is born





a coal miner's test


an over-heated "No-stick Treated" pot


emits hot fumes that she assumes will not


be harmful till the vapours kill her lot


of caged canaries







a lake


needs a loon


to laugh with the moon


to be a lake








   i wish i could draw

 a political cartoon

of a noble whale

in a concrete jail

prodded to perform

to lunge from the water

as the audience cheers

a whale trainer

prancing dancing

on the whale's nose

a bruised nose

my brother's nose






wild animals in the stars

wild animals in the clouds


what will we see in them

when the wild ones are gone




A Matter of Taste


a partridge in a pine tree

exquisite to see


a budworm in a pine tree

repugnant to me


a budworm in a partridge

a delicacy




Untitled Couplets


the large fierce animals are dead

the meek inherit earth instead


we say in an arrogant way

that we are much smarter than they


sly nature plays a trick each time one dreams of love as love sublime

for love is nature's prank we face, her ruse to reproduce each race


a snapping turtle snaps at me

"dioxin saps virility"


follow the trail of the fox

to tell the tale of the fox


Animated Poems


The text for these computer-generated ecopoems was digitized, rotated, coloured and flipped using animation software.  These animated poems can be viewed in your browser if you have Shockwave Flash installed on your system. 

BUTTERFLY BEAUTIFLY BEAUTIFUL, the first animated poem in this series, was created in 1987 and animated in 2000.  

Click on the titles below to bring these poems to life.  Afterwards, press the "back" button of your browser to return to this page.




Poetry in Motion


The ABC Book of Extinctions

The "ABC Book of Extinctions" shown here has also been published by

Coach House Books --see www.chbooks.com/archives/online_books/abc_book_of_extinctions/



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